Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook Video - Investigation of Sandy Hook showing How and Why Sandy Hook did not Happen as Portrayed.

This video is a collaboration of 10 of us, who have investigated Sandy Hook.

  It is a long video but it goes through the whole Sandy Hook reasons of WHY it could not have happened as it was portrayed.

 It reveals all the information in one video and the slips of tongues.

 My part in the video is about how the police dash cams did not show one child being evacuated from the school along with the police timed report.

It was all created and played out for Gun Control and Confiscation.

The Truth will Set us all Free!

  We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook from Harold Saive on Vimeo.

The link to the site just for the video and where you can watch different segments is at Media Solidarity. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Newtown School Board meeting May 6th 2014. Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and many others confront the Board about the Sandy Hook Shooting

Excellent School Board meeting.  The Newtown board got an earful from many people.  What an awesome board meeting.  I wish I had been there!  Listen to what they say and how they confront the school board for the Truth.

 Of course at the very end a man who appeared to have a middle eastern accent said how offended he was by everyone there full of 'conspiracy theories' and how dare anyone question what happened that day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

AP's Photo Media site had Sandy Hook Victims pictures up, before the shooting - Photos created Nov. 2012.

The guy had access to AP's photo site for media use at  college.  AP has now restricted that photo site, after his videos have come out.

 He was able to do searches of photos uploaded to AP for stories with a pre date of December 13, 2012. The site, shows when the photos are created and submitted to AP for media use, they all have 'creation' dates.

 Remember Emily Parker's fund on Facebook was created the morning of December 14th 2012, which many noticed.  How was a fund created and a page created on FB before anyone knew who the victims were?

 Some of the photos that show creation dates long before the event, could be attributed to the camera takng the pictures having the wrong date set internally, in my opinion.  But other pictures as Soto's graduation picture that was taken at her graduation in 2008 and has the correct creation date of that day, yet it was submitted in November of 2012 to AP for a victim of the shooting.

 The guy Timothy Hunter who did the video, does a good job and has done the research to bring out the information.

 What the video shows overall is the fact the pool of victims photos were created and put into AP's photo site for media use, the month before the shooting.

 He shows through screen captures how the victims of Sandy Hook, many of the photos were created November 23 2012 from directly on the AP site and before they shut it down.


This site has some information about what is in the video, but I highly advise watching the video, as you will be able to see him do the searches on AP and how the dates were predated to the shooting.

  Even though the whole B.S. interview with Peter Lanza has come out in the New Yorker, trying to convince everyone that people who are fans of Ron Paul, are possible mass murderers and secretly violent people who are fascinated with guns.  I believe many are questioning the whole shooting and they are having to try and counter that.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Recorded Phone Call to Movie Theater in Danbury Ct. regarding Adam Lanza and "Dance Dance Revolution" game

In my post/video about Peter Lanza and his interview with a lot of propaganda and about Adam Lanza being a Ron Paul fan, gun fascination and obsession with mass murders.  Peter Lanza mentioned how Adam went to a local movie theater and would play with the Dance Dance Revolution game there for 10 hours at a time.

I decided to research the movie theaters in Newtown and near by areas.  I found only one that was a possibility and called them.

Here is my call to the movie theater that does have Dance Dance Revolution at it and is about 15 to 25 minutes from Lanza's home.

Peter Lanza Speaks "Adam a Fan of Ron Paul, Loved Guns and Obsessed with Mass Murders"

How photo shopped can you get?

After all this time, Peter Lanza did an interview with the New Yorker magazine.  Overall the article says,  Adam difficult when growing up, they took him to many psychiatrist and he was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, he Loved Ron Paul and Guns. 

 He began a 'private fascination with mass murders.  The whole article is B.S. in my opinion.  What it does it try to tie Ron Paul people with guns and nut cases who are capable of mass murder. 

The article says Nancy took Adam to the gun range and had her obsession with guns.  We know that is not true.  Nancy Lanza did not have any guns registered in her name and there is no record ever of Adam and Nancy Lanza going to a range to shoot.  

This is all besides the fact that there is a good video of Nancy Lanza not being real and being Annie Haddad.  I put different videos up of the characters of the 'shooting' and who is real and mainly the fact no one appears to be real. 

I believe this article came out due to so many now doubting the whole Sandy Hook shooting.  They had to try and bring something out that makes people believe it happened once more.  Funny how they only have a little bitty picture of Adam with Peter in the article from when he was 10 years old.  

Here is the video showing all the B.S. of the article and how there are things that can now be tracked to see if it is real.  Adam supposedly was signed up at Western Connecticut State College, he was a member of the Newtown High School Tech Club, he would go to a local movie house and do the Dance Dance Revolution game for 10 hours at a time and continued to do that one month before the shooting.  For those who live in the area, there should be some type of record of Adam, especially witnesses at the local movie house of a guy that danced for 10 hours straight.  

How is it they can say that Adam began a 'Private' obsession with mass murderers?  If it was private and Adam hid everything and destroyed his hard drive.... how can they make that statement?    

The whole article was created to be a psych ops job for people to relate Ron Paul, those who stand by our Freedoms to have guns and mass murders all being one and the same.   They try and get people to relate one to the other on a subconscious level by all having the statements in one sentence after the other. 


Update - I called the Movie Theater in Danbury that has Dance Dance Revolution and recorded the call. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

No Sandy Hook Victim every born. Multiple Aliases for the Adults. The Deceit and Deception is Outrageous

I am so thankful for those on the internet who search for the Truth.  Together we all uncover the LIES and Deception of Sandy Hook.  We all do are different things regarding it.

I have watched the information about the Aliases of Nancy Lanza and have done multiple searches regarding that too.  The web of lies and many names she had is outrageous.  It comes down to the fact that it appears Nancy Lanza is Anne Haddad and is someone who was shown to us on TV already as alive and well.

There is information on Dawn Hochsprung too - it appears the names and aliases for her and how she is really related to the fictitious Peter Lanza. Think about it. There has never been one single interview of Peter Lanza. The press never hounded him to get a statement. He was never on TV once.


Then see this research that it appears all the victims of Sandy Hook were never even born.


We the People through our own intelligence and willing to search for the Truth, uncover the absolute deception and web of lies, weaved for gun control and confiscation. But more and more are waking up and will continue to do so. It is difficult to acknowledge the Truth of everything, but the more who do, the less the insanes can get away with.

Friday, March 7, 2014

What is the big Difference between Sandy Hook and the other school shootings last year? Also Lt. Vance screws up.

What is the Big Difference between Sandy Hook and the other school shootings that happened last year?

 Also, Lt. Vance screws up in his first press conference.  Listen to him and watch the guy next to him.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sandy Hook Police Dash Cam Video does not show children evacuating per Official Timeline.

There is a Police Dash Cam video of the parking lot of Sandy Hook.  I show the official timeline as written out by the Police of what happened and when.  

 The official timeline says they began evacuating the children at 9:58 AM from the school and walking them across the parking lot to the firehouse.

The official timeline of the evacuation of children from the school to the Police dash cam. No children are ever seen during the time they should have been going across the lot.  

Here is the State Police site to view the Police Dash Cam video. There are different times going to 10:03 AM of masses of children being evacuated at one time from the school and going across the lot.

 The dash cam video has a few redacted seconds, but they are only seconds of time and there would be no way of getting the children across the lot in that amount of time.

Watch the Police Dash Cam showing the parking lot compared to the official Timeline:


Monday, March 3, 2014

Absolute PROOF Sandy Hook Soto's Classroom was staged for photos. Changed depending inside or outside photos

This is absolute Proof that Sandy Hook Soto's classroom was changed depending on if they were taking inside or outside photos.

 The video shows the photographs, the night of the shooting, the day after and then another time. The video is proof Soto's classroom was staged for photographs.

 If they staged a classroom depending on what type photos they were taking and lie in photos, then the whole 'shooting' is staged.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soto's Sandy Hook Windows with Candles. I figured out what was bothering me, besides the furniture in front of them.

You know how you look at photos or videos and there is something that bothers you about them, but you can't put your finger on it.

 I was looking at the video I did again of the outside of the Sandy Hook school showing how run down it is. There was something that still bothered me about Soto's windows, besides the furniture in front of them.

 I finally figured it out.  The paper candles are the clue.  I show in my outside video how the paper candles at the window hole were intact, even though they were shot through a few times.  But that is not the problem with the candles.

 Here is the video, what I figured out, what the problem is with the paper candles....

The full outside video:


Police getting lost responding to Sandy Hook video: